About Me

Hi, I’m Shannon. As a child, like many little girls, I baked at weekends for fun and I built up my own little collection of baking equipment (Fairy cakes were a big hit in my house at the age of about seven!). I loved the reaction from people, even then, when you presented them with something delicious that you could not buy in the shops and that feeling has never left me. Some of my fondest memories revolve around baking. When I left school I had a dream of having a business as a cake maker. At the time it really was just a dream and seemed somewhat unachievable. Whilst at University and in between my lectures, I found enough time to practise my cake making and people started asking for birthday cakes. In my last year at Uni I began to realise I could start to make my dream a reality, so I posted pictures on Instagram and was astonished at the reaction and how complimentary people were.

Once my degree in Business Management was completed, in the summer of 2018, I decided to put all my energy into Shannon’s Cakes. I have not written an essay since, thank goodness, but I am glad I have a degree as it does help me with the organisational side of the business. I now have a loyal customer base in Brentwood and around Essex and I am so happy that my customers promote me to family and friends. I have so many word of mouth recommendations and a lot of repeat business.


Shannon’s Cakes is growing day by day and I am excited to see how far I can go. Every time you order from me you are making my dream possible and in return I am providing you with a bespoke home made cake to make your occasion, whatever it might be, that bit more special. I am lucky to say I love what I do and I look forward to all the cakes that I will be baking in the future. Thank you to those who have influenced, supported and contributed to my journey so far, and continue to do so. Please enjoy browsing my website, and let me know how I can help you make your occasion special. Love Shannon’s Cakes.